New York, NY


2,000 RSF


Building Management

445 Park Ave. Conference Center

The idea for the conference center was conceived of by its owner as a long-term tenant retired and left behind a mostly unrentable space, tucked behind the elevator banks off the main lobby. After careful planning and design, the conference center soon began to come to fruition. The space includes a library, conference area, lounge, coffee bar, and ADA restroom. Each area was thoughtfully planned to utilize every inch of space, creating various uses in a small footprint. The building now rents the space to tenants as they need additional space from time to time, and can be used for leasing agents, and other building meetings.

The client wanted this conference center to be a high-impact space with traditional style. The team at IM Design took inspiration from classic Bavarian design and the Beekman Hotel, incorporating wood paneling up to 8” on all the walls. Upon entering the space, visitors find themselves in a fairly tight corridor. We carried the wood paneling from the walls to the vaulted ceiling beyond the narrow entrance, which engulfs you, making the remaining open space feel grand by comparison. Since there are no windows, we painted the walls above the paneling and ceiling a bright white to embolden light to fully bounce through the space.